Invite. Play. Win.

Manage Your Home Poker Game

Send & Accept Invites

Set a time, send invites, and get a solid headcount - no annoying group chat needed.

Buy Chips. No Cash needed

Leave the cash in the bank. Manage all bets & buy-ins from within the RSVPoker app.

Arrange for Food & Drink

Use the RSVPoker app to order pizza & beer for the whole crew and split the cost evenly.

Game Wall Messaging

Trash-talk your opponents before, during, and after every game.

How it Works

weekly poker night with friends, we're all in.

Add poker Buddies

Create your poker group and use the RSVPoker app to order food, split the bill, and even pay for chips during the game.

send invites

View and manage all your game invites from within the RSVPoker app. See who’s coming and who isn’t without the hassle of a group text.

game on

Bet big, trash talk, and win (or lose), and do it all seamlessly with the RSVPoker app.

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Manage Your home Poker Games